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The China Urban Construction Steering Committee visited the Functional Agriculture Center of the Institute of Industrial Research of Chongqing University to conduct in-depth research

Source: China New Urbanization Construction Steering Committee, February 27, 2022

On February 26, 2022, He Ningchuan, Assistant Secretary-General of the China New Urbanization Construction Steering Committee, was invited by Duan Hongtao, Assistant Dean of the Chongqing Design and Research Institute Group of China Coal Science and Technology, to visit the Functional Agriculture Center of the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Chongqing University.

The "Miaozhai Functional Agriculture "With or without" Technology" jointly developed by the Functional Agriculture Center of the Institute of Industrial Technology of Chongqing University and Chongqing Miaozhai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the only Sino-Arab technology selected by the "Belt and Road" China-Arab Technology Transfer Center Transferred 10 agricultural-related technological achievements that mainly promote important scientific and technological achievements. Their technologies were showcased at the 2018 China Xinjiang (Aksu) "Military-Civil Integration of Science and Technology to Promote Agriculture" Achievements Exhibition, the 13th Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair and the 9th International Military Expo Brilliant.

The World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations call the lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet "hidden hunger." Currently, about 100 million people around the world are suffering from "hidden hunger", and the number of people with "hidden hunger" in my country has reached 300 million. According to the "Report on Nutrition and Chronic Disease Status of Chinese Residents (2015)" released by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the dietary structure of the Chinese people is often unreasonable, and minerals and vitamins such as calcium, iron, selenium, vitamins, and vitamins do not meet the recommended intake. quantity. Among them, the intake of calcium, vitamins A, B, etc. is obviously insufficient, and the situation of zinc deficiency in children and adolescents and iron deficiency in women is also worrying. To solve "hidden hunger", functional agriculture came into being.

In 2018, Zhao Qiguo, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, first proposed the concept of "functional agriculture" in the "China's Agricultural Science and Technology Development Roadmap to 2050". It is mentioned that the future development of China's agriculture should be to make agricultural products functional and move toward functionalization. Functional agriculture uses biological nutrition enhancement technology to add trace elements and mineral nutrients to the soil to improve the mineral level of the soil and the rhizosphere environment of crops, so that the crops can absorb trace elements and then return to the human body through food. Simply put, it means that the agricultural products produced can quantitatively meet the micronutrient needs that are beneficial to human health. For example, it can meet the needs of calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, etc. for different age groups and groups, thereby achieving the goals of promoting growth and development, enhancing immunity, resisting cancer, and delaying aging.

According to Academician Zhao Qiguo, high-yield agriculture solves people's problem of "eating enough", green agriculture solves people's problem of "eating safely", and functional agriculture mainly hopes to solve people's problem of "eating healthy". Under the background of the big health strategy, my country's agriculture will also enter a new period of development. Following high-yield agriculture and green agriculture, functional agriculture is considered the third stage of development. The market structure and consumer demand of agricultural products will undergo important changes.

Miaozhai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a functional agriculture center of the Institute of Industrial Technology of Chongqing University, is an enterprise engaged in the research, development and cultivation of "functional nutritional agricultural products". Liu Weidong, dean of the School of Pharmacy of Army Medical University, and Li Xiaohui, professor of Army Medical University, are the core members of Miaozai Biotechnology. Under their leadership, Miaozai has cooperated with many scientific research units and successfully grown fruits, vegetables, grains, tea, and traditional Chinese medicines. There are five major categories of "functional nutrition" agricultural products with mature technology and good effects. The core is the application of "technology with or without technology". Relying on the "have-not" technology, Miaozai Technology has successfully grown products such as "folic acid-rich apples for pregnant women," "zinc-rich kiwi fruits for children," and "Alzheimer-preventing tangerine fruits for the elderly." At present, they have carried out functional nutrition planting in more than 40 planting bases of different types of agricultural products across the country and established a functional agricultural technology system.

The "yes" in the "with or without" technology is to make fruit, vegetable and rice rich in folic acid, zinc, selenium and other nutrients through biological nutrition enhancement technology to solve the current selling point problem of agricultural products - nutritional problems; "without" is to use soil microorganisms Ecological technology and biochemical barrier and passivation technology reduce the content of harmful heavy metals in agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables, tea, and Chinese medicinal materials to zero, solving the current pain point of agricultural products - safety issues; such as the "Shougna 00254" variety, tested by a third-party agency No pesticide residues or harmful heavy metals were detected, and its folic acid content reached 254 micrograms/kg, far exceeding that of ordinary apples. "In the future, we are expected to realize the model of "you customize, I grow and produce" agricultural products. Under certain standards, "privately customized" agricultural products are created. 』 Zhao Bei, executive director of the Functional Agriculture Center of the Institute of Industrial Technology of Chongqing University and chairman of Chongqing Miaozai Biotechnology Company, said that Miaozai has cooperated with the Institute of Industrial Technology of Chongqing University to establish the first "Functional Agriculture Research Center" in China. In order to further serve rural revitalization and assist poverty-stricken areas, Miaozhai Biotechnology has successively established offices in Luchun County, Yunnan Province, Wuchang Rice Core Area, Heilongjiang, Baishui, Gansu, Henghe Township, Wanzhou District, Chongqing, Jiangjin District, and Yubei Qianzhan Village of the District, Daguan Town of Nanchuan District, Zhulin Village of Qingjiang Town of Rongchang District and other places have widely promoted the "with or without" technology of wonderful planting, provided technical training guidance and financial support, and actively helped to connect production and marketing, while improving the quality and efficiency of agricultural products. It has also opened up sales channels, solved the worries of growers, and formed a closed-loop assistance model of "technology goes to the countryside + improving quality and efficiency + consumption assistance".