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Circulation Sustainable Goals

SIG Group Holding has integrated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into every aspect of its business operation and has established a clear action framework to achieve its objectives. 

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Seize opportunities

Seamless trade and exponential growth

SIG Circulation believes trade is creating a world of abundance and peace. In a rapidly evolving global marketplace, having a reliable and efficient partner is crucial for businesses aiming to thrive on a global scale. SIG International Supply Chain is here to revolutionize your trade operations, connecting you to a world of limitless possibilities.

With our extensive expertise and network built over centuries of international trade, SIG International Supply Chain is the trusted companion you need to navigate the complexities of the global market. Since the Song Dynasty (1300 A.D.), the Tsang family started the international trading business in Quanzhou and Zhangzhou with Japan, Southeast Asia, Spain (Manila), Portugal (Macau), and the Netherlands (Indonesia). The family are skilled and experienced in dealing with risks like currency, government policies, the economy, the judicial system, laws, and market changes. 

At SIG International Supply Chain, we understand that success in the modern business landscape requires more than just logistics expertise. We go beyond merely transporting goods; we facilitate connections, foster collaboration, and empower your business to thrive in a world of abundance and peace. Join forces with SIG International Supply Chain and unlock a world of opportunities like never before. 

SIG International Supply Chain


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Global Trade Connect

Global Trade Connect is a groundbreaking initiative by SIG International Supply Chain that aims to revolutionize the way businesses engage in global trade. Through our extensive network and expertise, we connect businesses across continents, facilitating seamless trade operations and fostering collaboration. With Global Trade Connect, businesses can tap into new markets, leverage diverse opportunities, and navigate complex trade landscapes with ease. Expand your horizons, unlock growth potential, and embrace the limitless possibilities of global trade with Global Trade Connect.

Empowering Businesses for Growth

Sustainable Sourcing Solutions

Sustainable Sourcing Solutions is an impactful project by SIG International Supply Chain that addresses the growing need for ethical and environmentally conscious trade practices. We work closely with suppliers, ensuring transparency, fair labor practices, and sustainable sourcing of goods. By partnering with us, businesses can enhance their brand reputation, meet consumer demands for sustainable products, and contribute to a greener future. Choose Sustainable Sourcing Solutions and join the movement towards responsible trade.

Paving the Path to Ethical Trade

Supply Chain Resilience Initiative

The Supply Chain Resilience Initiative by SIG International Supply Chain is designed to empower businesses to navigate the uncertainties of the global market with confidence. We employ advanced risk management strategies, leverage technology-driven solutions, and provide real-time insights to enhance supply chain resilience. By partnering with us, businesses can mitigate disruptions, optimize operations, and ensure uninterrupted flow of goods. Embrace the future with a resilient supply chain through the Supply Chain Resilience Initiative.

Navigating Uncertainty with Confidence

Market Expansion Accelerator

The Market Expansion Accelerator is a dynamic project by SIG International Supply Chain that empowers businesses to expand their reach and drive sustainable growth. Leveraging our extensive market knowledge and strategic partnerships, we provide tailored solutions to penetrate new markets, identify emerging trends, and capitalize on untapped opportunities. With the Market Expansion Accelerator, businesses can unlock their full potential, establish a global presence, and achieve unprecedented success in the ever-evolving global marketplace.

Seizing Opportunities, Driving Growth

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International supply chain refers to all logistics and commercial activities between raw material suppliers and end consumers on a global scale, aimed at producing and selling products and services. The international supply chain involves transactions between multiple countries and regions, including raw material procurement, design and development, production, logistics, distribution, and after-sales service. It enables companies to achieve more efficient production and lower costs, as well as promote economic growth. With globalisation and technological progress, the international supply chain is constantly evolving and developing. Some trends include higher automation and digitisation, more sustainability and social responsibility, more flexible and innovative logistics models, and more localised and diversified supply chain strategies.