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Innovation Sustainable Goals

SIG Group Holding has integrated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into every aspect of its business operation and has established a clear action framework to achieve its objectives. 

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Driving Change

Redefining Mobility for a Sustainable Future

At SIG Future Transportation, we believe that the future of mobility lies in electric and autonomous vehicles. Our team of brilliant engineers and designers are dedicated to creating groundbreaking solutions that are both eco-friendly and efficient. We are committed to reducing carbon emissions and minimizing our impact on the environment while providing unparalleled convenience and comfort to our customers.

From sleek electric cars and self-driving shuttles to advanced public transportation systems, SIG Future Transportation offers a comprehensive range of sustainable mobility solutions. Our vehicles are powered by clean energy sources, ensuring a greener tomorrow. Whether you're commuting to work, exploring a new city, or embarking on a long journey, our vehicles guarantee a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Experience the thrill of cutting-edge technology, the convenience of smart mobility, and the peace of mind that comes with reducing your carbon footprint. Embrace the future of transportation with SIG Future Transportation and be a part of the movement towards a cleaner and more sustainable world.

SIG Future Transportation



ElectraCity is SIG Future Transportation's flagship project aimed at transforming urban mobility. Through a comprehensive range of electric and autonomous vehicles, ElectraCity offers cities sustainable transportation solutions that are both efficient and eco-friendly. From electric cars equipped with cutting-edge technology to self-driving shuttles navigating city streets, ElectraCity ensures seamless and convenient travel experiences while reducing carbon emissions. Join us in building a cleaner and smarter future for urban transportation with ElectraCity.

Revolutionizing Urban Mobility


EcoCruise is SIG Future Transportation's initiative to revolutionize long-distance travel. EcoCruise offers travellers a seamless and eco-friendly way to explore the world by combining electric powertrains with advanced autonomous features. Whether embarking on a cross-country road trip or a scenic coastal drive, EcoCruise provides unparalleled comfort, convenience, and environmental sustainability. Experience the thrill of cutting-edge technology while reducing your carbon footprint with EcoCruise. Embark on a journey of sustainability and adventure with EcoCruise!

Sustainable Long-Distance Travel


GreenTransit is SIG Future Transportation's commitment to advancing public transportation systems. By integrating electric and autonomous technologies, GreenTransit offers communities a comprehensive network of sustainable and efficient transportation options. From electric buses with smart routing algorithms to self-driving shuttles serving underserved areas, GreenTransit aims to reduce congestion, lower emissions, and enhance accessibility. Embrace the future of public transportation with GreenTransit and contribute to creating greener and more connected communities.

Advancing Public Transportation

E-Mobility Solutions

SIG Future Transportation's E-Mobility Solutions revolutionize the daily commute with personalized electric transportation options. From sleek electric bikes to compact electric scooters, our range of vehicles offers a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional commuting methods. With advanced features like smart connectivity and regenerative braking, E-Mobility Solutions ensure a seamless and enjoyable commuting experience while minimizing your carbon footprint. Make your daily commute greener and more enjoyable with E-Mobility Solutions.

Personalized Electric Commuting


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The future transportation industry is a sector that relies on new technologies and new models to promote intelligent, green, and shared transportation. This industry is based on next-generation information technologies, artificial intelligence, robotics, new energy technologies, and other innovations, and aims to drive development in areas such as intelligent transportation, autonomous driving, and intelligent logistics. The development of this industry will drive innovation in transportation systems, improve transportation efficiency and safety, and create new business models and market demands. The future of the transportation industry is very promising and will contribute to economic development and social progress.