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Better solutions for a future beyond imagination.

With collaboration with governments, enterprises, and universities, the SIG Group strives to create a platform for dynamic opportunities worldwide, challenge the status quo and change business models for the better.


The SIG Group is a global and growth enterprise founded by Shelley Tsang. Nowadays, the SIG Group encompasses eight business sectors, including Cities, Investment, Energy, Innovations, Lifestyles, Trade, Research, and Agriculture. The SIG Group's investment portfolio is diversified across multiple asset classes and geographies with the majority and minority investments in listed companies, private companies, venture capital, and real estate. The portfolio's maturity and strength enable the SIG Group to reinvest profits and proceeds to support, grow and develop new and existing businesses. The SIG Group is made up of SIG Group Holdings Limited (SGHL) and its subsidiaries, and certain assets are owned directly by SGHL’s sole shareholder, Shelley Tsang.

History and Milestones

The backbone of the SIG Group will always be the values to build a better, stronger, innovative, sustainable, and resilient future for humanity. In the timeline showcasing the family stories and achievements, explore the history and milestones that made the SIG Group. 

SIG Group Holding Projects

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