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International Castles

and Palaces Society

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International Castles and Palaces Society (ICAPS)

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International Castles and ​Palaces Society

The International Castles and Palaces Society (ICAPS) is an independent institute dedicated to promoting the cultural arts of castles and palaces worldwide. Its mission is to enhance awareness of heritage protection and development by showcasing and disseminating the rich cultural diversity of castles and palaces and promoting recognition of their cultural and artistic value. The society promotes the exchange and development of cultural arts related to castles and palaces globally through various activities such as exhibitions, seminars, cultural festivals, etc. Additionally, the society is committed to promoting sustainable development and protection of castles and palaces and encouraging public attention and protection of these cultural heritage sites.

Enchanting Elegance

Preserving Legends, Inspiring Generations

The International Castles and Palaces Society (ICAPS) is committed to enhancing awareness of heritage protection and development, and we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey.


As a member of ICAPS, you will unlock an array of exclusive opportunities to enrich your passion for castles and palaces. Step into a world of extraordinary architectural marvels, captivating history, and awe-inspiring beauty as we proudly showcase and celebrate the cultural diversity found in castles and palaces from across the globe. Immerse yourself in our spellbinding exhibitions, where you will be transported through time and space, experiencing the grandeur of bygone eras firsthand. Engage with esteemed experts and attend our enlightening seminars, where they will impart their profound knowledge and insights on the cultural arts intertwined with castles and palaces. Prepare to be mesmerized as you join us in vibrant cultural festivals that honour the tapestry of traditions interwoven within these remarkable landmarks. 

We are not only passionate about preserving the past but also about shaping the future. We promote sustainable development and protection of castles and palaces, ensuring these cultural heritage sites continue to inspire and captivate generations to come. 

International Castles and Palaces Society (ICAPS)
International Castles and Palaces Society (ICAPS)


Preserving Legacies

Join us in this pivotal project that focuses on the restoration and conservation of castles and palaces worldwide. Through meticulous research, skilled craftsmanship, and sustainable practices, we strive to revive and safeguard these magnificent structures, ensuring their longevity for future generations. Immerse yourself in hands-on workshops, where you can learn traditional restoration techniques from experts in the field. Together, we can preserve the essence of history and bring these architectural wonders back to their former glory.

Restoration and Conservation Initiatives

From Tales to Trails

Embark on an enchanting journey as we curate unforgettable tourism experiences around the world's most captivating castles and palaces. Our project seeks to promote these cultural treasures as must-visit destinations, combining history, art, and immersive storytelling. Join our guided tours, where knowledgeable guides will share fascinating anecdotes and legends, bringing the rich heritage of each site to life. Discover hidden chambers, explore sprawling gardens, and marvel at architectural splendors while unraveling the secrets of these historic landmarks.

Castle and Palace Tourism Promotion

Education for All

Education lies at the heart of our mission, and this project aims to ignite curiosity and inspire young minds through castle and palace learning programs. We collaborate with schools and educational institutions to develop engaging curriculum materials, interactive workshops, and educational field trips. Students will delve into the realms of history, art, and culture, unraveling the stories behind magnificent castles and palaces. By fostering a love for heritage and learning, we empower future generations to appreciate and protect these cultural treasures.

Castle and Palace Learning Programs

Sustainable Futures

Our commitment to sustainable development is at the core of this project, as we strive to protect and preserve castles and palaces while embracing environmentally friendly practices. From renewable energy solutions to eco-friendly restoration techniques, we explore innovative approaches to minimize the ecological impact of these sites. Join us in raising awareness about the importance of sustainable heritage preservation, as we work towards a future where cultural treasures coexist harmoniously with nature, inspiring generations to come.

Green Initiatives for Heritage Sites


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International Castles and Palaces Society (ICAPS)

ICAPS Funding

Support International Castles and Palaces Society

International Castles and Palaces Society (ICAPS) is supported by SIG Group Holding, our primary funder. It collaborates strategically with philanthropists and institutional funders who share our vision and passion. ICAPS remains neutral when it comes to policy or political positions and keeps an inclusive open mind. If you're interested in learning more about supporting the International Castles and Palaces Society through our partnership programs, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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