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SIG Cities is known and specialised in plannings, with the cooperation with the local governments and real estate developers, to construct smart and cultural cities for a more sustainable, satisfying, and comfortable future. SIG Cities is skilled at finding and buying land with high potential, designing new buildings or making improvements to the already existing structures on that land (including historical heritage, houses, apartments, office buildings, and shopping complexes) , financing real estate deals, building projects, creating, imagining, controlling, and orchestrating the process of development from the beginning to the end. The success of SIG Cities comes from a combination of attitude, experience, knowledge, insight, and the lessons learned from both victories and failures.

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The SIG Group continually looks for innovative, effective, and sustainable ways of long-term development. With the collaboration with governments, enterprises, and universities, the SIG Group strives to create a platform for dynamic opportunities worldwide, challenge the status quo and change business models for the better. Nowadays, the SIG Group encompasses eight business sectors, including Cities, Investment, Energy, Innovations, Lifestyles, Trade, Research, and Agriculture.