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Connecting Minds, Creating the Future - EXPO 2020 DUBAI

The World Expo 2020 is the first hosting of the World Expo in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Dubai is the first host city of the World Expo from the Middle East countries since 1851, the theme of EXPO 2020 DUBAI is "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future". It aims to unlock the potential and promote the circulation of knowledge, methods and commodities. There will be 192 countries and international Organizing exhibitions, it is expected to receive 25 million spectators, and is expected to bring $9 billion in tourism revenue to Dubai. The exhibition planning site is located in the southwest of Dubai. Dubai has invested billions of dollars in the construction of venues and supporting infrastructure and building an "exhibition city" covering an area of about 438 hectares. The mascot of the Dubai World Expo is composed of a pair of six cartoon characters, two UAE siblings Rashid and Latifa, the UAE's national tree, the sapling Salama, the robot Opti, Alif and Terra. Among them, three robots echo the three sub-themes of this World Expo, blue robots represent mobility, green robots represent sustainability, and yellow robots represent opportunities.