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SIG Trade

Creating a world in
abundance and peace. 

SIG Trade believes trade is creating a world in abundance and peace. Since the Song Dynasty (1300 A.D.), the Tsang family started the international trading business in Quanzhou and Zhangzhou with Japan, Southeast Asia, Spain (Manila), Portugal (Macau), and the Netherlands (Indonesia). The family are skilled and experienced in dealing with risks in international trading like currency, government policies, economy, the judicial system, laws, and markets changes. Supported by the resources and cooperations through the Belt and Road Initiative since 2015, SIG Trade is expanding its international trading business to more countries. The Belt and Road Initiative is the merge of the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. The Initiative has been intended to enhance the orderly free-flow of economic development and the productive allocation of resources. It is also designed to further market integration and create a regional economic cooperation framework of benefit to all.

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SIG Business

Better Solutions for
a future beyond imagination

The SIG Group continually looks for innovative, effective, and sustainable ways of long-term development. With the collaboration with governments, enterprises, and universities, the SIG Group strives to create a platform for dynamic opportunities worldwide, challenge the status quo and change business models for the better. Nowadays, the SIG Group encompasses eight business sectors, including Cities, Investment, Energy, Innovations, Lifestyles, Trade, Research, and Agriculture.