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Image by Ivo Rainha


Curiosity drives ongoing discoveries.

SIG Research believes research is a creative and systematic action undertaken to develop knowledge for humans, culture, and society, and apply them in real life. 


The primary purpose of SIG research is to inform action and contribute to evolving knowledge in its field of study. The SIG Group has been funding Gaudi Asia-Pacific Research Institute since 2017. The Institute aims to study and share Antoni Gaudi's insights and transform the research results into practical projects, dedicated to establishing a positive flow of knowledge and capital to improve and change human life. Since 2019, the SIG Group has been working with Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives, one of the top 10 innovative think tanks in the world, to help research and promote innovative business models and new groundbreaking technologies, and introduce them in China. SIG Research regularly organises and sponsors international lectures, conferences, and symposiums to share the latest research achievements with the public.

Research Projects

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