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Wucius Wong's Innovations in Ink - Capturing Quintessential Hong Kong

It is very interesting and inspiring to listen to Professor Wucius Wong about his artistic journey.

I love Prof. Wong's idea of “deficiency” that you cannot be good at everything, but the things that you cannot do good enough can also lead you to your path. Therefore, you have to realise: what you can do, what you can best do, what you cannot do, what you should do and how you can move on with what you can do. Then, choose the best one for yourself. “I am the kind of artist or writer or something who does not trust myself having the ability to master so I have a theory of deficiency that if I cannot do it in a certain way, can I do it in another way? I would examine all the different paths and choose among them. Can I combine different paths? This is my way of thinking.”

Thank you for the insightful conversation organised by The University of Chicago and The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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