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Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț


A colourful life full of excitement.

Beauty calls to one's heart, soul and mind. SIG Lifestyles focus on the business of art and culture while pursuing beauty and luxury as the essence of all projects.  


Real luxury is a state of great comfort and elegance that provides pleasure and satisfaction and reflects eternal beauty. SIG Lifestyles presents top art and jewel masterpieces for private collections, curates exhibitions and high-end events in associated cultural centres, collects and showcases historical objects and techniques on Chinese intangible cultural heritages, arranges music concerts and parties, collaborates with museums for cultural promotions, provides tailor-made luxury travel experiences, invests in films and documentaries, as well as publishes books as an independent publisher.  Aiming to enhance mindfulness and bring new insights to the world, SIG Lifestyles believe sensing the world from multiple perspectives can help people to live better lives. 

Lifestyles Projects

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