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SIG Investment

A family office for
global asset allocation

Diversification is a critical component of SIG Investment asset allocation strategy. A healthy diversification of assets constructed within a portfolio will protect investments against expected market volatility over time. SIG Investment provides global asset allocation services which balance risk and reward by apportioning the portfolio according to goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. The percentage of the portfolio devoted to each depends on the time frame and tolerance for risk. Therefore, SIG Investment allocates assets in which smartly divides investment portfolios between different diverse assets classes to minimise investment risks. SIG Investment offers ideal asset allocation by mixing various investment subjects, from most aggressive to safest, to earn the rational and targeted total return over time.

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SIG Business

Better Solutions for
a future beyond imagination

The SIG Group continually looks for innovative, effective, and sustainable ways of long-term development. With the collaboration with governments, enterprises, and universities, the SIG Group strives to create a platform for dynamic opportunities worldwide, challenge the status quo and change business models for the better. Nowadays, the SIG Group encompasses eight business sectors, including Cities, Investment, Energy, Innovations, Lifestyles, Trade, Research, and Agriculture.