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A family office for global asset allocation.

Diversification is a critical component of SIG Investment's asset allocation strategy. A healthy diversification of assets constructed within a portfolio will protect investments against expected market volatility over time.


SIG Investment provides global asset allocation services which balance risk and reward by apportioning the portfolio according to goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. The percentage of the portfolio devoted to each depends on the time frame and tolerance for risk. Therefore, SIG Investment allocates assets which smartly divide investment portfolios between different diverse asset classes to minimise investment risks. SIG Investment offers ideal asset allocation by mixing various investment subjects, from most aggressive to safest, to earn a reasonable and targeted total return over time.


China New Urbanisation
Construction Steering Committee

China New Urbanisation Construction Steering Committee (CNUCSC) is a comprehensive organization jointly initiated by the visionary China Central government State-owned financial institutions and domestic enterprises and established with the approval of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. With the strong support from the China Central government, China's state-owned enterprises and various foreign capitals and foundations, the Committee have become an important force in leading China's new urbanisation developments. The Chairman of SIG Group Holding, Shelley Tsang, as the CNUCSC Director, Shareholder and Secretary-General of Global and Greater Bay Area Projects is proudly sharing our investment knowledge, global networks and project experiences to contribute to the future development of China. 

Investment Projects

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